Sunday, August 13, 2017

March 12--March 18, 2017

March 12--March 18, 2017

We attended church in Bandung and took the train there and rode with the Stake President Counselor home.  Had Mission Leadership Council on Tuesday and traveled to Jogyakarta for the weekend for a Senior Missionary Couple Retreat. 

Train Stewardesses
 Abandoned train cars stacked with the jungle growing through them.  I think some of them were being lived in because I could see people in the cars.

 Recent landslide on the way to Bandung.

Training Session
 Hydroponic Garden and Restaurant
 Marlioboro Street for Shopping

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  1. Pres. & Sis Rowley, I am from Arizona and potentially could be moving to Tembagapura for work. Do you know of any members there or in Timika? I'm not seeing any branch listed in that area. Thank you for your help. My email address is