Monday, November 14, 2016

October 9--15, 2016

Conference Rebroadcast in Semarang on Sunday.
 Solo Stake Patriarch and his wife.  He remembers President Rowley as a young missionary in Semarang forty years ago as strong and full of energy!  Glad he's still the same!
 Our missionaries in Semarang.
 Waiting in the crowded airport Sunday night.
 Rainy walk to the plane...thankfully they provide umbrellas!

We welcomed the Steeles who will be serving in Surabaya as Member and Leader Support missionaries.  They are from Pleasant Grove, UT.  Every foreign missionary has to wait about a week to get their papers ready from the government before they can go out to work, so while the Steeles were waiting we took them to Solo.
 These Indonesian ladies were going to a conference in a big group and they always want to be photographed with Bules (White people) so Sister Steel and Presiden obliged.

 Our cute sisters in Solo.
 Some of our Solo Elders.
 The whole group at Blenger's Chinese/Indonesian Restaurant near the church.
 Mom and Sister of one of our Sister Training Leaders serving in Jakarta.  The 16 year old daughter is the choir director for her ward choir which will perform in Stake Conference in a few weeks.  This was right before their practice--they had 75 people there!  The dad of this family is the bishop.
 Love the pink bikes!  These Sisters are strong and amazing!

Saturday night I went out with the Sisters below and taught two families. The dad in this photo was baptized a few weeks later and his wife is still learning.  Cute little boy!  I asked how the sisters found them and they said the family was standing right where this photo was taken when the Sisters were across the street looking at their planners to find another address.  He called to them from across the street because he wanted his son to meet a foreigner.  They began talking to him and he felt the Spirit and wanted to learn more.  I asked him what he felt when he first saw them and he said, "Peace."