Saturday, January 14, 2017

October 30--November 5, 2016

Attended Malang Branch for church on Sunday October 30.  A few days before we had visited Suharto (President's companion from forty years ago who has been out of the church for he past 30 years).  He has decided to be baptized!  He feels it is time and he has known for all this time that the gospel is true--studies Book of Mormon every day.  When we were with him, we learned that he and all his  family are from Malang--the city where we had previously decided to go to church on this Sunday--and that is on the other side of the island from Jakarta and a long journey away. We were able to meet his sisters who are members and tell them the news that he will be baptized!  Everyone is so happy for him and what a miracle that we were here to tell them the news!

Suharto's sisters  and family.

 Malang Elders
Vocabulary Study on the Elders' Tile Floor!

Beautiful Tugu Hotel in Malang

Primary in Malang

On November 3&4 we were in Solo for interviews, training and Zone Conference.  Solo Stake Conference was held on Saturday and Sunday November 5 & 6 at the Novotel Hotel.  President spoke in Leadership meeting and in the General Session .  Our MLS couple, the Jefferys, gave their farewell testimonies and goodbyes also.

 Stake Conference Choir Solo  Directed by 16 year old Young Woman

Friday, January 13, 2017

October 23--29, 2016
Visited Bandung Branch for Church, welcomed  three new sister missionaries on Wednesday with training for them Thursday morning, then in the afternoon traveled to Surabaya for  Friday interviews and training and Saturday Zone Conference.  Also visited Suharto in his home in Tangerang.

President and the font he installed in Bandung as a young missionary.
 Bandung Branch

Three new sister missionaries!

 Translation:  Free Motorcycle and Car Wash

Surabaya Zone Conference October 29, 2016