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February 12--18, 2017

February 12--18, 2017
     On Friday, February 10 President flew to Timor Leste to meet with the Demkes.  They continue to look for a building to meet in.  Sister Rowley flew back to Jakarta to get ready for Sister Linda Burton, General Relief Society President and her husband along with Elder and Sister Funk to visit Jakarta.  On the 13th we said goodbye to one of our assistants, Elder Lovelock who returned to Australia.  On the 15th we had a Mission Leadership Council meeting from 7:30 am until noon.  At noon we left immediately for the airport to pick up the Burtons and Funks who arrived at 1:55 pm.  We took them to their hotel and then to the Devotional scheduled for Saharjo building at 7--8 pm.  Sister Burton held  a Young Single Adult question and answer meeting before the devotional. It was a wonderful devotional and Sister Burton was so down to earth and loving to everyone.

Church at the Sr. Couple Missionary apartment in Timor Leste

 February MLC

President and Sister Djarot Subiantoro with Sister Burton

Sister Funk on the left and Sister Burton on the right.   Sisters' Devotional above.

On Thursday, February 16, the Burtons and Funks held a Devotional for all the Indonesia Service Center Employees at 9:30 and then from 11--1 pm they held  a devotional for all the Jakarta area missionaries.  Afterward we had a big luncheon and pictures.

 After the devotionals we took them all to their hotel and then to the airport.   We also went to the airport and flew to Medan to visit the missionaries and members.

Medan members at church.

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