Thursday, December 8, 2016

October 16--22, 2016

October 16-22, 2016
Busy week with Zone Conference, two days of interviews and ten missionaries returning home.

Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President in the Assistants Office.
 Zone Leaders and Assistants in my "office" -- actually corner!  We sure love all these wonderful missionaries!
Sister Hanks (on the left) returned to Bountiful, UT.  this week.  Super missionary and Sister Training Leader.   She will be missed.
 Nasi Tumpung (Volcano Rice)   Traditional Celebratory Dinner

Ten returning missionaries and nine of them were Indonesian so we invited the ones with nearby family to come to the devotional.  We still had food left when they came, so everyone ate as they reunited.

Jakarta Zone Conference involves about 34 missionaries plus 3 sets of Sr. Couple Missionaries.
        Lots of books stacked on small columns of paper demonstrate that we are stronger than we think. Object lesson in our "continuous loop" training during interview time.
        The motorcycle wash --Cuci Motor--gives missionaries a chance to do service and contact at the same time because the drivers wait in chairs on the lawn and the missionaries visit with them introducing the gospel.

 This is Elder Budi one of our faithful missionaries.  His mother was taught the Gospel by Sister Aischa Tandiman when she was serving a mission in Indonesia.  Sister Aischa was taught the Gospel and baptized as a young 15 year old in Jakarta.  One of her missionaries was Elder Rowley forty years ago.  So one of our missionaries is here partly because of Elder Rowley's service.  Elder Budi made the connection and related all of this to us today at Zone Conference.
                                    Jakarta Zones October 21, 2016 PLD (Zone Conference)
Indonesian Version of a Jack-O-Lantern.  It was wrapped in plastic and for sale in the produce section of Grand Lucky Grocery Store.  Happy Halloween!