Sunday, March 26, 2017

January 15--21, 2017

January 16--21, 2017     Happy Birthday Lake!

On Sunday, we attended our Sister Training Leader's baptism.  On Tuesday, we had five missionaries finish and return home.  Many of their family members joined us in Senopati for a farewell dinner and testimony meeting.  The next day we welcomed six new missionaries from the Philippines Missionary Training Center.  We also had three who were supposed to come in from the US but had Visa delays.  We fed them and trained them.  On Friday we flew to Manado for member and missionary interviews.  We also met and went out to dinner with Dr. Devy--an amazing eye surgeon with a wonderful family.

 Welcome Breakfast--Fruit, Egg Easy Bakes, Creme Brulee French Toast and White Rice with Sambal.

 Almost Happy Chinese New Year!

 Pineapple Rice!
 Martabak Manis...yummy!

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