Friday, March 24, 2017

December 19--25, 2016

This week we flew to Solo to deliver Christmas gifts to our missionaries there and to train on Goals.  Bother Bono drove us to Yogyakarta where we met with Missionaries from Yogyakarta and Magelang.  Then we flew back to Jakarta and prepared for the happy arrival of Sarah, Daniel, Joanna and Claire!  On Friday, December 23 we met with missionaries from the Jakarta Zones for a Joseph Smith Birthday/Christmas Devotional and gifts.  For lunch we served Cafe Rio (Indonesian Version).  Sarah and Daniel both spoke and we listened to beautiful Christmas music performed by our missionaries.  Thanks to the Senior Couples who cooked, served and cleaned up!

 Our son-in-law, Daniel McConkie, during the Christmas Devotional in Senopati Mission Home, December 23, 2016.  He shared doctrine relating to our knowledge of God's nature and purpose because of all Joseph Smith learned and restored.  Amazing teacher!  Thank you Daniel!

 Christmas Eve Day at Taman Mini Park.

 Everyone wanted to take a picture with the two little blonde girls.  President makes friends wherever we go...they all love him and are amazed that he can speak Bahasa.

Christmas Day.  Sarah made darling dolls for Joanna and Claire and brought them all the way to Thailand and Indonesia  for their Christmas gifts.

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